Dyslexia – Spelling It Out

Welcome to my new blog!

Every month (and sometimes in between) I will be sharing our news and views and Spelling Out all things Made By Dyslexia. I hope you’ll follow along and spread the word to help everyone, everywhere understand the #ValueOfDyslexia.

NEW Dyslexia Awareness Training in partnership with Microsoft.

At our Global Summit back in October Satya Nadella announced our partnership with Microsoft highlighting ourmission to empower every dyslexic to reach their potential.

This month we’re so excited to tell you about first  NEW Teacher and Parents Dyslexia Awareness Training that we’ve created with Microsoft.  The training includes our NEW inspirational Dyslexia Awareness Films and anyone anywhere around the world can access it for free.  

Dyslexia expert teachers from two world-leading schools are sharing their wisdom and expertise alongside successful dyslexic celebrities who are contributing their insights and inspiring stories.  Click on image below for link to new course.


The course only takes about an hour and will provide essential insights into dyslexia, which we believe all educators and parents should have so we would love your help to share this far and wide.  Please recommend it to your schools, your friends, to parents.  Share this blog and social media posts to help spread it far and wide.

Spelling It Out – why this is SO important

Research Challenges

Dyslexia is the most common learning difference affecting between 10 – 20% kids…so a sizeable cohort in every class.  Yet most teachers simply aren’t trained in how to spot it, or support it.  We have to change that! 

With school budgets and time so stretched, dyslexia often slips down the list of priorities when actually even small changes can make such a huge difference. AND what’s good for dyslexic kids is good for all students! 

Understanding the Value of Dyslexia

Research Inclusive Classroom

We know that dyslexics have a different way of processing information which means they often struggle with more traditional education and testing. But our report with EY Value of Dyslexia found these thinking skills are the very skills that are needed in the 21st Century.  

So it’s really important we help everyone understand the #ValueOfDyslexia and support Dyslexic Thinking.

These films and training will help to do that! Watch these kids talking about their Dyslexic Strengths.

Keep and eye out for 5 new modules coming later this year, and more in-depth training due next year.  

Thank you!

Kate Griggs.

Founder, CEO Made By Dyslexia

6 thoughts on “Dyslexia – Spelling It Out

  1. I was made by dyslexia. I’ve started telling people that dyslexia is a different way of thinking and its definitely not a leaning difficultty or disability.


  2. Made by Dyslexia has turned our 7yo sons world around in 2019. He’s so proud of himself and his alternative way of thinking.

    We look forward to more in depth reports to come. Thanks for your work!


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