Game-changers Global Summit 2019

On 14th October at the Science Museum London we held the 2nd Made By Dyslexia Global Summit.  We brought together some of the world’s most successful dyslexics and influencers to participate in discussions to inform and shape the future of dyslexia in education and employment.

Global celebrities, VIP’s, business leaders are joining us ‘virtually’ and in person. The Summit was opened by RT Hon Matt Hancock, and hosted by Robyn Curnow, CNN International News Anchor. Richard Branson joined many VIP’s speakers including HRH Princess Beatrice of York. Supported by Microsoft, the whole event was live-streamed on Facebook reaching millions around the world!  Here’s the highlights film…

Our world is Made By Dyslexia

Throughout history dyslexic people’s ability to think differently has made them Game Changers. From the first telephone made by Alexander Graham Bell, to the iPhone made by Steve Jobs; the first airplane made by the Wright Brothers to Virgin space travel made by Richard Branson. Dyslexic thinking has helped to make the world we live in.

The Summit celebrated dyslexic Game Changers past, present…and future, with contributions from extraordinary organisations like GCHQ, Virgin Galactic and Microsoft who are empowering the dyslexic Game Changers of the future.

Watch the opening address by Rt Hon Matt Hancock Secretary of State for Health and Social Care… #MadeByDyslexia.

The Imaginers 

Our first panel was called Imaginers.  Speakers included Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE – Space Scientist and Communicator, David Spear Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut, Sir Richard Branson.

Every great invention and breakthrough, past, present…and future starts with imagination. From someones vision of doing, creating or solving the seemingly impossible. Throughout history dyslexics have imagined, and achieved many impossible things which have helped to shape our world.  Thomas Edison illuminated the world, Henry Ford made cars accessible to all, Steve Jobs gave us pocket computers.  These visionaries and daydreamers literally imagined the impossible and made it possible.  In this panel we explore  the power of imagining with help of Richard Branson and his dream of space travel and its important role in changing our world for good. Watch this discussion below.

The Game Changers 

Our second panel was Game Changers.  Speakers were Jeremy Fleming – Director of GCHQ, Nick Jones MBE – Founder Soho House, Steve Hatch – VP Facebook Northern Europe, Richard Addison – Partner at EY Value of Dyslexia Report team, Laura Powell – Global Head of Human Resources Retail Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC.

Dyslexics are Game Changers. Innovative, disruptive thinkers who do things differently with an ability to think around corners and make connections others can’t. Dyslexic thinking has literally changed sectors, created new industries, and won wars.  Now the world of work is changing, machines are replacing ‘straight line thinking’ creating an urgent need for new skills. EY Value of Dyslexia Report 2018 found that Dyslexics have exactly the skills needed for this new world of work.  The new 2019 Value of Dyslexia report finds Technology has now removed barriers that dyslexics previously faced leaving them free to focus on their strengths. So it really is dyslexia’s time. We explores how business and industry can embrace this, and how education needs to change to support these minds of the future. Watch this panel discussion in film below.

The Change Makers

The final panel was Change Makers. Leaders in education and change discuss the harsh reality of our current global education system, and what needs to change.  Speakers included HRH Princess Beatrice of York, Kate Griggs – Founder and CEO Made By Dyslexia, Gavin Horgan – Headmaster Millfield School, Dr. Charlie Miller – Co Founder Flip Grid, GM Microsoft, Dame Martina Millburn – CEO Princes Trust & Chair Social Mobility Commission

The world needs dyslexic thinking.  But traditional education focuses on measurement and conformity which ‘disables’ the dyslexic students who’s very thinking is vital for our future.  It’s time for change. The world of work is re-evaluating dyslexia, recognising the important role it plays in the future, and education must too. Until we do we cannot prepare our young people for the future world of work. Pioneering educators (like Millfield) have been supporting dyslexic thinking since the 1930’s, but how do we level the playing-field so every dyslexic child can achieve their potential?  In this panel we talk to Game Changers in Education and discuss how we must ALL become agents of this urgent change.  Watch the panel discussion in film below.

Connecting the Dots

The discussions at the Global Summit has made one thing abundantly clear…. we need change, and we need it NOW.

That’s why in 2020 Made By Dyslexia is launching CONNECTING THE DOTS, a global campaign and advocacy movement with one mission; to level the playing-field so every dyslexic child can achieve their potential.

CONNECTING THE DOTS is galvanising the brilliant educators, charities, grass roots movements and parents who work tirelessly to support dyslexia; to amplify their voices and share their expertise, behind our structured campaign for change.  One voice, one message, one mission …to create change. 

Find out more in the film below.

Closing Remarks from Kate Griggs #MadeByDyslexia

You can start to Connect the Dots right now by following us on Social media and sharing our content, and by helping to raise money for Made By Dyslexia by donating via Facebook or Virgin Money Giving . Every $£€ helps!

Thanks so much for watching, listening, sharing and caring!

Get ready world … we’re coming for you in 2020!

Kate Griggs