Welcome to Made By Dyslexia

Hello and welcome to our first blog!

Today is launch day and we’re all super excited to start to share our plans.

There is SO much to do but it all starts with audacious goals and passionate supporters.

Please help us spread the word by following and sharing.  And we’d love to hear your stories and thoughts so get in touch either on social media or email.

Our launch event is in London with Richard Branson.  He and I will be talking about his dyslexia and about our aims….we’re filming it all and will share this with you on social media over the coming days.

In the meantime check out the Connecting the Dots Report which tells you about us; what we know about dyslexia, and dyslexic thinking.  You can find it on our website www.madebydyslexia.org

You can also take the dyslexic thinking test here http://madebydyslexia.org.

We’ll have lots more in the coming days.

Let’s get going!

Kate Griggs – Founder and CEO Made By DyslexiaFullSizeRender

One thought on “Welcome to Made By Dyslexia

  1. I am so excited to see this! Two of my sons are dyslexic. After I showed my eldest saw the presentation by Isley he took it into school, stood up in front of his classmates and shared how he felt bad when they laughed at him because of being dyslexic. He then showed the presentation to his class and a great discussion ensued about how people have different talents. I’m an addictions therapist and I wrote recently on my Facebook page about addiction and dyslexia. I think that the (unwarranted) shame that kids pick up during their school years because of being dyslexic is a big driver that leads some to seek out medicating their difficult feelings through substance or process addiction. I love the idea of 7 different intelligences and that dyslexic kids have intelligences in different areas than those tested in academic exams. I’m not into the whole better than/worse than idea about life, but I definitely think that dyslexics have an amazing plethora of talents which can and should be celebrated. Thank you for this, if there is anyway that I can be involved in a practical/professional capacity I would be delighted!


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