Made By Dyslexia Launch Event

What an amazing first week we’ve had at MBD HQ!

Our feet literally haven’t touched the ground.  Thanks so much to everyone who’s followed, RT’d, shared, commented and connected. We’re excited to have you with us on the journey and please remember to keep spreading the word!


At the launch we shared Made by Dyslexia’s global goals.  Our initial focus is about CHANGING PERCEPTIONS…making sure dyslexia is properly understood as a different way of thinking, not a disadvantage.

Some of the greatest inventions, art and brands of the modern world have been made by dyslexia.  We believe that if the world truly understands the value of dyslexic thinking and the amazing talents dyslexia brings, then we can start to drive opinion and behavioural change so dyslexics are empowered and open about their way of thinking.  We want schools, parents, teachers and governments to look for and recognise dyslexia rather than hiding, ignoring or misunderstanding it.  Dyslexia brings with it creativity, innovation and empathy that is so important to our ever changing world.

We’ve been genuinely moved by your appetite and passion for our campaign message.

The Launch

We gathered in a secret location in Central London for an intimate, informal and inspirational chat with Richard Branson  and fellow Ambassador Roland Rudd and me.


The audience included many of the great and good from the dyslexia world who came from far and wide including, Canada and the USA.  Australia were with us in spirit, sharing questions for Richard, Roland and I to answer.

The “Dyslexic Sperm Bank”

So why a “Dyslexic Sperm Bank”?  It was an edgy idea dreamt up by the creative minds (many dyslexic) at Y&R London.  It was a bold communications idea that Richard and his team loved, and so did we.  It certainly got people talking.  We’ve had incredible coverage by everyone from the Sunday Times and the BBC, to the Huffington Post.


We arrived at the idea because about 18 months ago the London Sperm bank announced that you couldn’t donate sperm if you were dyslexic as it was considered to be a “neurological disease”…yes really!… providing an extreme example of how much we need to change perception. So we took that thought and created some social research by setting up a pop-up ‘Dyslexic Sperm Bank’ and filming the public’s reaction.  Watch the film here.

The Research

To support the launch and film we commissioned exclusive research by YouGov and Made By Dyslexia which highlighted the task at hand:

•   Only 3% of people think dyslexia is a positive trait

•   58% believe that someone with dyslexia will do worse at school; only 2% think they may do better

•   19% of people associate dyslexia with creativity whereas 84% of dyslexics say they are above average in creative skills

•   13% of people associate dyslexia with lateral thinking whereas 84% of dyslexics say they are above average in lateral thinking skills

•   12% of people associate dyslexia with good problem solving skills whereas 84% of dyslexics say they are above average at problem solving

•   9 out of 10 dyslexics say their dyslexia made them feel angry, stupid or embarrassed

Podcast of the Event

We’re excited to share a podcast of the launch talk between Richard, Roland and myself…we talk candidly about our experiences of dyslexia and our advice for dyslexics, their parents and teachers.  Hearing one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs saying he spent his school years thinking he was “just plain thick”, was moving and enlightening.  Happy listening!  iTunes or Lybsyn

We’ll be back with another blog soon. You can keep up to date on twitter or Facebook or go to our website where you can read our launch report or take The Dyslexic Thinking Test.

Kate Griggs – Founder and CEO Made By Dyslexia

6 thoughts on “Made By Dyslexia Launch Event

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  2. Hi there.
    I am so impressed by this approach. I am the mother of two wonderful children with dyslexia.We have been running an association in the West of Ireland for the past 3 years to change attitudes towards dyslexia in Co Clare.
    We have a creative kids club for children with Dyslexia where we engage in activities to boost exposure to creativities activity and bring some fun into dyslexia. We have done a wide range of activities from mindfulness with horses, tribal drumming, pottery, archery, baking, cartooning and the list goes on.
    We insist that parents and children work together at these events as we feel this is key to understanding between parent and child and bridging the gap.
    We also run support evenings for parents on assistive Technology, homework approaches,educational entitlements, intervention to help to support the empathy etc., basically info on anything we as parents have struggled with.
    We started the club up following a book launch that was done by a primary school in Ireland for a book Dyslexic Brains Learn Differently. This little book captured the story of 10 children aged from 10-12 in a special reading Class in Ennis Co Clare and their journey with dyslexia. This little book got wonderful media attention in Ireland and as a result it travelled far and wide globally.
    So we are now so happy to be sharing the same ethos as you…Dyslexia is a gift not to be overcome but to be embraced.
    Keep up the wonderful work
    Fidelma Mooney


  3. This is amazing, but can’t see anymore entries on the blog 😦 As a mum of an amazing dyslexic daughter who is increasingly feeling dispondant that her efforts in school are not being recognised let alone encouraged or developed, would love to see more!!


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